Frequently Asked Questions.

Who Is Auto Detail Factory?
It’s a Mobile Car Cash & Mobile Detailing Company that Comes to your Corporate Site, Company or House.
What Services Does Auto Detail Factory Offer?
Auto Detail Factory offers Hand Washing, Hand Waxing, Carpet Shapooing, Seat Cleaning, Interior Detailing, Exterior Detailing, Complete Detailing, Mini Details and much more.
What Payment Option Does Auto Detail Factory Have?
Auto Detail Factory Accepts, Cash, Checks, Paypal Gift Certificates, Giftfly Gift Certificates and all Major Credit Cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
How do Giftfly Gift Certificates Work ?
Auto Detail Factory sales eGift Certificates through the main page of our website. Choose the amount for the certificate you like to purchase; the gift certifacte code will be email to the person you have decided to give the certificate to.
How do I redeem my Giftfly Gift Certificate?
Give us a call to 650.716.0153 to schedule an appointment & provide us with your 12 or 16 digit gift certificate code or just book it on our online booking system by selecting the service you like; after the service has been selected insert the gift code in the notes area after all information has been entered. Please if you have provided a gift certificate from Giftfly ingnore the payment message & email after clicking on submit.
Should I Remove my Personal Property Before the Scheduled Appointment ?
We request that all personal property be removed from your vehicle before the scheduled appointmet. Please follow our link to the terms of service
What are the terms of service if I book online?
Please follow our link to the terms of service
What happens if I like to cancell an appoinment I did online & I already paid?
Please follow our link to the terms of service
What happens if the weather is inclement during my appointment slot?
Please follow our link to the terms of service
If I Want a Car Wash Can You Come to My House to Do it ?
Yes We do Individual Car Washes on Houses, Companies and Corporations Only in the Areas of Redwood City, Menlo Park, Woodside, Atherton, Palo Alto & San Carlos. For Other Cities in the Peninsula We Requiered Atleast 2 Cars or More Depending How Far the City Is. CALL US FOR MORE INFORMATION. We Also Do Car Washes For Corporations and Companies if There is a Group of Cars.
What Kind of Hand Washes Does Auto Detail Factory Offer?
We Offer Regular Car Washes & Eco-friendly Car Washes.
Will There Be any Costs to my Company for Bringing Your services On Site?
No, There is No Cost to your Company for Bringing Our Services to your Corporation or Company. Most of the Corporations Bring Our Services on Site and Employees Pay For The Services That They Get.There are Other Cases Where the Company Like to Pay For the Employees’ Services but the Only Cost is Each Individual Service Chosen. It All Depends on What is Convinient For the Corporation or Company.
If We Bring Auto Detail Factory to Our Comporation For Car Washing & Detail, What is the Environmental Protection Followed?
We Use a Drain Protector Which Is a Special Mat That Seals the Drainage and Blocks Any Water, Solvents, Oils and Chemicals From Going into the Bay. We Also Vacuum Any Water That Is Stopped by the Drain Protector and Safely Dispose of it.
Does Auto Detail Factory Offer Services for RVs & Trailers ?
Yes We Offer Washing, Waxing & Exterior Detailing. CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION!
What Areas Does Auto Detail Factory Service?
We Work on the San Francisco Peninsula Area.
How Can We Conctact Auto Detail Factory?
You Can Find Our Information On The Contact us Page.
Why is Auto Detail Factory Better Than Regular Carwashes?
All Services Are Done by Hand and We Give You a High Quality Service with Qualitiy Products and We Take Pride Of Our Services. All is Done At The Convinience of Your House, or Job While You Continue Working.