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Auto Detail Factory
Redwood City, CA 94063
Phone: (650) 716-0153
Monday to Friday 8am-5pm
Auto Detailing & Car Wash Service Rates: $59.99 – $599.99

Mobile Auto Detailing


Auto Detail Factory is a mobile detailing and car wash company based out of Redwood City, California. Our company was founded in 2012 by two friends with over 10 years of experience in car detailing and car washing.

Our Goal:

Over the years, we have become one of the most trusted mobile detailing companies in the San Francisco Bay Area because our goal has always been to provide the friendliest, most convenient experience for our customers. For this reason, attention to detail is our top priority because we care about the quality of detail rather than the quantity. Your vehicle is always in good hands with us because we take pride in our work, and we enjoy learning more about your vehicle because we love it as much as you do.

Service Areas:

We provide detailing services in the comfort of your home, office or any other permitted location. We serve clients all over the Peninsula and surrounding communities such as: Redwood City, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Atherton, Woodside, Portola Valley, Mountain View, and San Mateo. As well as San Carlos, Emerald Hills, Foster City, Belmont, Hillsboro, Redwood Shores, etc.

Our Services:

Our car detailing services consist of interior, exterior, complete detailing, clay wax treatment, hand waxing, buffing & polishing. Also, ceramic coatings, paint sealants, paint correction, head light restoration, carpet shampooing, seat cleaning, and much more. So, let us be your mobile detailing company; book online or call us today and enjoy our mobile detailing and car wash services. Your satisfaction guaranteed.!


The Best Mobile Auto Detailing & Car Wash
  • Multiple packages at a great value
  • Work in multiple cities throughout the SF Peninsula
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly products
  • Pay for your wash electronically and securely
  • Trained and skilled detailing crew members
Contacting Us
  • Very open and easy to reach company
  • Our email is checked hourly during the day
  • Book an appointment online under 3 minutes
  • Our toll free number will be answered
  • You can pay online for your appointment

Mobile Auto Detailing & Car Wash

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Auto Detailing Testimonials

Our customers love us on YELP!
  •   Amazing service!!! Arrived on time, very professional, friendly and honest. When I booked my appointment on the phone I was quoted a price much higher than what I ended up paying. When they showed up this morning I told him what I was quoted and he said it was too high and gave me the new price -- that's honesty!

    They did an amazing job on my Yukon Denali. They were able to remove multiple scratches, the interior looks brand new and I paid a very fair price! These guys could charge more than they do but I'm glad that I can still find an affordable detail service.

    I would recommend Auto Detail Factory without hesitation! These guys are fabulous!

    thumb Aspen M.

      My car was a mess, I have my hairy beutiful dog, who likes to swim from time to time, could you imagen the smell and my back seats already? It need it a serious detail.
    All I can say, my car was spotless, smelling good, looking like new. I loved it.

    thumb Magali E.
  •   Awesome company! I hired them to do a full detail on a used car purchase (black Honda CR-V). As all of you know, black paint shows every little defect; Auto Detail Factory did a fantastic job making the paint look like new! They were on-time on the day of the appointment and worked hard for 5-6 hours. The employees were kind and I was very pleased with the end result.

    thumb John L.

      Simply the BEST!
    So I pulled in to work one morning last week and noticed all our cars were filthy! We have been so busy, clearly nobody had the time to wash their cars!
    A short time later I went home to check on my dog and noticed Adrian detailing a car across the street. I approached him and he gave me his card and told me to give Oscar a call to make an appointment.
    End result, Oscar and a helper (didn't get her name) did a FABULOUS job on all 4 of our cars!
    All I can say is when my employees are happy, I'm happy! I'll call them back for sure!

    thumb Sunny K.
  •   I had some black spots all over my car when I returned from being out of town for 2 weeks that I couldn't remove with washing.
    Adrian and his partner came to my home today and not only got rid of the spots but restored my car's finish to better than when I bought it new 8/18!
    Their attention to detail was fantastic, they were prompt, polite and even shared tips to keep my car looking great.
    Thank you, guys! I'm so happy!

    thumb Ann B.

      Did a great job, very efficient with reasonable pricing. Came to my work and got a mocha latte out of my carpet and leather in 30ish min! Great customer service as well.

    thumb Ashli A.
  •   Excellent job! Very convenient car wash and detail at home. Great range of options for different budgets. Started and finished on time. Good online scheduling and service choices.

    thumb Rock H.

      I've waited far too long to get the car detailed -- years, actually -- because usually it's just such a hassle. The last time was during a trip to Sacramento, where it took a full day and was $200. I booked online, and for the same price, had an even better job done in 2.5 hours -- without the hassles of having to take a car somewhere. Absolutely recommend!

    thumb C G.
  •   The best mobile detailing team in the peninsula. Easy to schedule, always on time; very professional.

    thumb Sunny M.

      I had my car cleaned and waxed today. They did a great job and made my car look brand new. They also vacuumed and cleaned the interior (which I wasn't expecting) and dressed the vinyl. They were quick and efficient. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again. The cost was very reasonable for the service provided.

    thumb Karen A.
  •   Ok, I'm impressed! I thought quality work and great customer service were going away fast but this company is awesome! Reasonably priced, excellent attention to detail, on time, friendly and honest. Will definitely hire them again.

    thumb Kevan W.

      I have had a number of awesome experiences with Adrian and team. Each time they do an excellent job. I've never been disappointed. They are professional, timely and thorough. I will for sure keep using them!

    thumb Megan C.
  •   This is the second time we've used this service and they did not disappoint. Amazing service and their work is top-notch. Total class acts and we will continue to use them for our detailing in the future!

    thumb Susan M.

      First, some context: After staring at our wood chip hellscape yards for a couple months in early 2020, I couldn't take it anymore and became pandemic gardener. I've spent the last year using my small SUV like a farm truck; hauling very large loads of municipal compost, bags of dirt, loads of wood, bikes to rides, etc.

    After not washing it for a year, I decided to get the car detailed. Unfortunately I didn't take before pictures, but imagine a car covered in dirt and bird poo on the outside and on the inside a combination of dirt, compost, bike grease (we haul the bikes in the car) on the light leather seats and all other manner of dirtiness.

    The car looks like new. I don't know what they did to the seats to get them clean, but they look better than the day I bought them. They glow without being greasy. (If these guys ever start doing facials, I'm going). You can see the reflection of the hummingbird garden in the side of the car.

    In addition to amazing work, they COME TO YOUR HOUSE. I didn't have to put on shoes or anything. They showed up promptly at the scheduled time (8 AM), cleaned my car to perfection in the time they said they would and left. Really outstanding work. A+++.

    thumb Isabella C.
  •   Adrian and Oscar did a fabulous job on my 2013 Prius. Even though I keep my car pretty clean it was time for a full detail both inside and out. Very high quality and thorough work at a fair price. Very good communication and customer service. I highly recommend them.

    thumb Winslow Y.

      Oscar came out today to work on our Prius which had the stains/spills/odors of a 10 year old well used family car for daily work, road trips to the beach, skiing, and hauling stuff for home
    improvements. Cleaned occasionally using our ShopVAC and wiped down to keep things hygenic but the dirt and grime just accumulate over the years. Carpets were stained near the edges of our rubber floor mats from the heavy traffic

    Forgot to take before/after pictures - not the dirtiest car you'll find but typical of a family car with kids since born.

    Oscar spent additional time necessary to make the car look showroom new. I appreciate his thoroughness, his hard work ethic, and his world-class quality of work. He didn't rush the job and his work shows, even on our run of the mill Prius. You'll see photos of the rich and expensive cars being cleaned in most detailing photos, but he cleaned my car just as well as I'm sure he does a Porsche, Jag, or some other fancy car.

    I'm writing this review to let ordinary folk like me know that this is the Peninsula detail outfit that will take the time to treat you right regardless of what you're driving, even a Prius, and WONT BREAK THE PIGGY BANK!

    Also, they are the best quality and value of all auto detail businesses in the Peninsula! Believe me I searched far and wide. THEY ARE MOBILE TOO!

    thumb Eddo C.
  •   I highly recommend Auto Detail Factory!
    After all the recent rain I decided to wash my car and then I noticed acid rain spots all over my car. I read reviews and came across Auto Factory Detail. They had the best price for a full detail and their reviews were great, so I contacted them. I am glad I did as they did a fantastic job and got all the acid rain spots off my car. My car looks brand new! I haven't seen this shine in years!!! Thanks to Adrian and his partner who arrived on time and did such a great job. I will be calling Auto Detail Factory in the future and recommending them to friends!

    thumb Jacob R.

      I contacted Auto Detail Factory yesterday and sent them some pictures of scratches and problem areas I had on my car. They were able to come to my work the very next day at 9am and took a look at the problem areas. One area was too severe to really fix 100% but they did their best and gave my tips on how to keep it from getting worse and then took care of other minor scratches with ease. Car looks good and it took maybe a total of 10-15 minutes. Repair guys were super nice and couldn't have asked for better service. To top it off I didn't have to take any time out of my day and the price was affordable. Thanks!

    thumb m c.
  •   It was easy and fast to schedule a cleaning, and the team did a great job. We had a strong pet odor in the car that we've tried to clean ourselves for months. They did an interior detail and the smell is completely gone. Car looks good as new!

    thumb Taylor K.

      They were able to remove some really tough-to-remove bug splatter from my car's windshield and hood. They were on time, professional, and were able to get the job done in only 30 minutes. The car looks amazing and I would gladly use them again.

    thumb Nancy N.

Quality Care

We are dedicated on providing quality care, customer satisfaction at a great value in our mobile fashion service while offering convenient hours.

Our crew members are all trained and skilled and fully equipped with equipment and supplies needed to deliver the best results.

Best Products at a Great Value

We only use the best biodegradable products and use very little water while keeping a high quality.

We offer multiple packages at a great value to meet your needs. The best premium care while saving you time and money.

Our Car Detailing Process

We know your time is valuable
  • 1. Booking
  • 2. Inspection
  • 3. Valuation
  • 4. Completion

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Our team is dedicated to provide quality detailing , customer satisfaction at a great value in our mobile fashioned care while offering convenient hours.

Biodegradable products

We only use the best products and our interior auto detailing & car washing products are all biodegradable. We only use very little water while keeping a high quality.

Experienced Team

All crew members are all trained and skilled and fully equipped with equipment and supplies needed to deliver the best results for your mobile detailing & car wash service.

Great Value

Premium auto detailing & car washing while saving your time and money. Great value to meet your needs!

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